Moving Days

We’re In! The past two weeks have been a flurry of packing and unpacking. The crews were finishing paint touch ups electrical glitches, hanging window shades etc. as we were moving in. The ever-present landscape team keeps on trucking away. I think we’ll have them here another three weeks. We’ve dusted and cleaned everyday and know it will take sometime to get ride of all the construction dust circulating in the air and through our HVAC systems.

It feels wonderful to go to sleep to the sounds of the river and wake up to the birds in the morning. The pups and Angus have transitioned to their new digs pretty quickly. Angus had one day of hiding in the master closet, but by dinner time he was all over the house and successfully using his new kitty potty.

Here’s a few picks as of our first and second night. I’ll post the finals after the landscape gets finished up!

The Final Countdown‼️

We started this project with excavation on September 25th, 2019 and here we are just shy of 9 months later with 17days until move in! Sure, there will be things that need to get finished, touched up, adjusted after we move in, but we’ll be in. July 2nd can’t come fast enough!

There has been a crowd of professionals installing all the electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Vance and Ben have been finishing up trim and baseboard, cabinets, and a beautiful custom fit cabinet face frame for my microwave. The tile flooring and showers are installed, but backsplashes still need to get installed and grouted. There’s a lot left to do in 17 days but it’s all coming together beautifully.

This weekend Tim and I undertook the concrete acid staining job. The original slabs didn’t turn out the right color and we had problems with crusting and cracking that have since been addressed. The past three days have been prepping, staining, neutralizing and cleaning. Next weekend we’ll seal it!

With all the dust, my biggest concern is if we can get this place cleaned up in time!

A Busy April

In Garfield County, CO construction was allowed to continue! We had roofers roofing, masons masoning, carpenters carpenting and painters painting. Lots going on both inside and out. April ended with kitchen cabinets being installed. We’re very excited for the interior finishes that May will bring. Of course we did get a little fishing in before the runoff started.

Moving Fast

The past two weeks we’ve had sunny, warm weather. The guys took great advantage of it and got so much done!

For insulation we used sprayed foam, blown in and batt to meet all the R-Value Codes. We added a bit extra in the areas we thought needed more for our comfort and noise reduction. It took a week, but was worth it. The house got real quiet on the inside when that was done!

Vance and Ben tackled the beam work on the outside. Those things sure look heavy!!! The house looks amazing with the beam details in the peaks and the front porch. They also installed the fireplace and finished all the detailed blocking work inside so the insulation and drywall could be installed.

Speaking of drywall, it’s in! A 5 guy crew took about 4 days to hang drywall in the whole house. That was the quick part! Now the slower work of taping, sanding and texturing begins. Yesterday as we walked through we could really get a feel for the size and shape of each room. Our vision becoming a reality!

Next on the Agenda: Wood and Stone Siding

Exterior Beams In Place

Rough Electrical and Mechanicals In

We’ve had a whole bunch of guys scurrying around the place pulling wire and laying pipe. I even think one has been living in the crawl space for 10-days putting in heater vents – I smelled hamburgers and think he might have been grilling on the pipe heater for lunch 😂. Given that our mornings have been starting out in single digits I don’t blame them a bit for doing whatever they can to keep warm! Everything is tied in now and we’re waiting on inspections for electrical, mechanicals and framing. Then, finally, insulation which will make it a lot nicer inside the house!

Fireplace wall all framed up with a cubby for tv components.
Tim standing at the kitchen island.
How do they keep these all straight?
Lots of venting from the mechanical room.
Got the kitty door all framed in for his private bathroom 💩. Don’t want the dogs stealing any nasty snacks!

All Trussed-Up and ready to go.

After some time off over The Holidays and a couple of good storms, the roof is finally trussed. We can really see the scale of the outside of the house. Inside, the vaulted ceilings came out exactly as imagined – tall, airy, openness throughout the rooms. Windows come this Wednesday and we’ll get closed in and thus stops all the hard work shoveling snow off the wood!

We Have Walls!

It was very exciting to come around the corner and see walls! Vance and Ben, our builders, also chalked out all the walls on the subfloor and we are able to walk through the layout and get so much more of a feel for the size and scale of the house. First thing we realized – how tall the walls are! We wanted vaults with beams to create an open feel, but oh my gosh in person it’s huge 🥰. Tim helped lift a few walls into place while I imagined how my kitchen will look and admired the view from my bedroom windows. It’s hard to stay away and not just sit there all day watching the walls be built! While the Denver Metro Area has been hit with storms, we’ve been blessed with beautiful sunny weather the past two weeks Were hoping winter holds off a little longer so the house can get dried in before it’s too snowy and cold‼️

Garage Slab

Buried Treasures

When you build a house you expect the obvious costs – roofing, siding, tile, windows, etc. But the things you don’t see, and don’t think of, can eat your budget alive! Exhibit One: drainage. Our property is relatively flat. What do we do with all the water coming off the roof and flowing down the gutters? The rules from our county regarding underground drainage require a place for the drainage to terminate. Most homes drain the gutters to daylight. That means the extensions attached to your down spots are buried and the open end of the pipe is exposed to the elements, usually somewhere in your landscaping. There is now concern of how those pipes freeze and back up gutters. To address this concern, the newest codes require we drain to a dry well. “Dry Well” – a concrete culvert that’s so big it has a ladder to get out should you ever venture in. It’s buried in the ground 14 feet deep, surrounded by gravel for leaching of the captured water, and then back filled. With the dry well and the 1000 ft plus in piping, we’re burying over $10,000 in downspout management. What happened to capturing rainwater for my garden? But on the bright side, if we’re ever bombed in Colorado we’ll have a place to hide!

The “Dry Well” awaits being buried.

Pour that Mud!

The past two weeks have been exciting! After digging practically to China to hit bedrock, we finally had things settled, leveled and ready to form and pour footers. A few days later forms were up for the foundation and literally tons of mud was pumped into the forms. We had great weather and the cement set up great. Seeing it without the forms was pretty amazing and the true footprint of our house revealed itself. The weather is holding this week and we’ll be backfilling for several days. The subfloor will get started next week!